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Thank You, Educators!

As of December 15, 2023, we will be ending new bookings for our Code in the Classroom program for virtual classroom workshops.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the incredible teachers who have supported and enriched the learning experiences of their students throughout the years. Your dedication to fostering a love for technology and coding has made a lasting impact on countless young minds.

As always, we have many teacher training opportunities to help bring digital skills into your classroom!

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Access Your Legacy: Lesson Plans

To continue the legacy of Code in the Classroom, we invite you to access our comprehensive lesson plans. These valuable resources are accessible online, ensuring that the spirit of coding education lives on. Fill out the form to gain exclusive access, and see below for our workshop descriptions:

Empower Your Teaching Journey

For those seeking to further enhance their teaching skills, explore our professional development and teacher training options. Our programs are designed to empower educators with the tools and knowledge to create dynamic learning environments.

Professional Development

As we close this chapter, we express our heartfelt appreciation for the educators who have been an integral part of Code in the Classroom. Your passion for education has been the driving force behind the success of this program.

Thank you for inspiring the next generation of innovators!

Our Legacy Workshops

Discover Creative Coding with Scratch Jr

Discover the joy of creative computing and explore how algorithms can be stories with ScratchJr.

Discover and Explore Creative Coding with Scratch

Discover and explore the basics of coding and programming in a series of three workshops set in nature. Use sequences, loops, and other coding concepts to bring projects to life. Animate the fascinating journey of bears and salmon, show the wonder of birds in a murmuration, and create your own geometric mandalas.

Découvrir et explorer le codage créatif avec les micro:bits

Cette série de trois ateliers propose une introduction aux caractéristiques physiques du micro:bit à l'aide d'un codage par blocs. Dans le premier atelier, les élèves auront l'occasion de créer leur propre animation en utilisant l'écran LED. Dans le deuxième atelier, les élèves coderont le micro:bit pour qu'il détecte et prenne des décisions basées sur des données environnementales en temps réel. Enfin, les élèves créeront un outil de diffusion pratique en utilisant la collecte de données et la sortie visuelle.

Discover Artificial Intelligence

This workshop will provide a basic understanding of what and where artificial intelligence (AI) exists in our world. Learn how to train an image-sensing AI model using your own data, and further explore the data being used in AI systems you interact with every day.

Explore Scratch and Artificial Intelligence

Explore how artificial intelligence can take your coding projects to the next level. Students will use their creativity and imagination to code a Scratch project using PoseBlocks, which use AI to track their facial, hand, and body movements and gestures.

Prerequisites: Discover Artificial Intelligence and Discover and Explore Creative Coding with Scratch

Explore micro:bits and Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence with the micro:bit opens the door to fantastic possibilities. Students will be introduced to a special bridge that allows them to connect these two technologies and feel the power through a hands-on activity. Classes must have access to micro:bits to participate in this workshop.

Prerequisites: Discover Artificial Intelligence and Discover and Explore Creative Coding with Scratch

Explore Artificial Intelligence

Explore how artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of our daily lives, and develop innovative solutions to ethical challenges. This series includes three workshops focusing on neural networks, chatbots, and the ethics of AI systems.

Prerequisites: Discover Artificial Intelligence

Discover and Explore Creative Coding with JavaScript

Explore text-based coding in Javascript using p5.js, a free online platform designed for learners. Modify code to personalize your own "AI Flower" in the first workshop, and explore variables and conditionals to create a race between your favorite emojis in the second workshop! These workshops are appropriate for students with or without text-based coding experience.

micro:bit - Data and Climate Change

Discover how Canadian environmental data can help us make better decisions in solving the problem of climate change by building a maker exercise using the micro:bit, servo motors, Neopixels and Fairy Lights.

It works a little bit different than most of our workshops, though:

  1. Head on over to our friends at Steamlabs to APPLY and see if you qualify for a FREE class set of Climate Action Kits by completing the online form.
  2. We will then let you know and provide you with all you need (including lesson plan) to get started
  3. Do as much of the lesson plan as you want, there are several activities to choose from.

Note: if you don’t qualify for free Climate Action Kits, they are available for purchase from our partner site. VISIT PARTNER SITE HERE.

Learning Outcomes

Computational thinking
Foundations of coding
Algorithm & digital literacy
Classroom integration
Curricular connections

Thank you to our partners!

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