Small commitment. Big Impact.

As a charity, volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. Join our mission and enrich the lives of kids across Canada by introducing them to powerful new technologies and giving them the confidence to build a better future.

See the impact just a few hours of volunteering could have on kids in your community.


Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to use the skills you have, learn new transferable skills, and meet new people. All we ask is that you’re open to learning, working with others and enthusiastic about helping kids gain the digital skills they need in a safe and fun environment.

No matter what your background, we provide resources to get you started, answer any questions you may have, and support you along the way. You will be connected with a local KCJ Community Developer who will contact you when upcoming opportunities arise.


Ready to get started?

You could facilitate a workshop for kids or teachers, support at a local event or conference, or lead kids on a coding journey at a Code Club.

The best part of being a volunteer? You’ll learn just as much from the kids as they’ll learn from you.


Working in the field and looking to give back? We’d love to hear
about your corporate volunteering program.

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Code Club

We want every kid to have a place to learn and create. That’s why we run Code Club: free clubs run by volunteers across Canada. Volunteering at a club is easy with all the materials and support we provide.

A Code Club can be anything a community needs it to be: a safe space to learn, a place for kids to improve their skills, or an opportunity to make new friends.


  • One hour per week
  • Recommended 8 week commitment
  • An interest in helping children aged 8 - 12 develop their digital skills
  • No coding experience required

Code Club is free for all, thanks to generous funding from:

"[Working with KCJ] was an amazing experience for both my students and myself."

- Teacher, Ontario

"This is the future!!!"

- Third grade student

"[The kids] were really engaged... It was easily accessible and they were able to be successful with the program immediately."

- Teacher, Alberta

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