Empower Your Classroom with Tech-Driven Teaching Skills!

Welcome to a collaborative learning journey where you can enhance your digital skills and learn alongside your colleagues. Our fully funded teacher training sessions are not just about gaining individual confidence; they're about building a community of educators passionate about bringing digital skills to your school or school board.

Why Choose Our Teacher Training?

No experience needed – our sessions cater to all levels. Join our experienced instructors for dynamic and engaging training sessions, perfect for professional development days, after school sessions, or teacher conferences.




Unlock a world of possibilities with our teacher training

Curricular Connections

Seamlessly integrate digital skills into your curriculum, fostering connections between technology and academic subjects.

Continued Learning

Our training isn't just a one-time event; it's a journey. Create projects that evolve with your students, ensuring a continuous and impactful learning experience.

Career Focus

Equip your students with skills that extend beyond the classroom—skills that are not just academic but have real-world applications in various careers.

Mobilizing Communities

Join a network of educators dedicated to empowering their communities through technology. Collaborate, share ideas, and contribute to a movement that goes beyond your classroom walls.

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Join a Public Online Training

Experience interactive virtual sessions with educators from across Canada.
We offer different themes and topics each month.

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Explore our Training Options:


grades 3 - 9

Discover and explore the basics of coding and programming in the world’s most popular block coding environment. Use sequences, loops, and other coding concepts to bring projects to life.


grades 3 - 9

All our micro:bit training workshops provide an introduction to physical computing as well as block coding. Micro:bit is an ideal cross-curricular tool due its ability to interact with its environment, collecting and visualizing data.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.

Artificial Intelligence

grades 5 - 12

Explore the fascinating world of AI with practical applications for the classroom.

Tailored for both beginners and those familiar with AI concepts.

Python/Data Science

grades 5 - 12

Experience our new, innovative set of projects for students to explore Data Science using Python coding in the Jupyter Notebooks environment. Students will build projects in which they explore existing datasets and even create their own!


grades 7 - 12

Discover creative coding applications with text-based coding in the user-friendly P5.JS environment, ideally suited to programmers new to JavaScript.

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