A skill for life.

Learning to code is like learning a new language: it opens doors in all areas of life. Kids unleash their creativity when they start coding, and become better communicators and problem-solvers.

We believe that all kids need to understand how the technology that is shaping our world actually works - and we do this through classroom workshops, community events, and coding clubs.

You have a personal stake in the world your kids grow up in. Find out how you can participate in, and have an impact on your kid’s digital education.

Our educational programs are primarily designed for kids aged 8 - 12.

Get hands on

For our kids to thrive in a digital world, we all need to get involved to create meaningful and lasting change in our communities.

Code Club

A nationwide network of volunteer-led coding clubs for children aged 8-12. At Code Club, we think all children should have the opportunity to learn to code.

Watch & learn

You can find a number of code-along videos and activity ideas on our Youtube Channel.

Projects to code, wherever you are

Our resources section is filled with plenty of activities and projects you can try at home, together!

Get #AlgoLit

Go behind the screen to learn how algorithms work with this fun video and guide - filled with engaging activities you can do with your kids


Thumbnail for the introduction to cybersecurity.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

View our Cybersecurity Curriculum, designed especially for youth, their parents and teachers. In this program, we'll explore the world of cybersecurity in a straightforward and practical way, using hands-on activities to reinforce your learning and understanding.

Thumbnail for the document titled "Learning to code: A guide for grownups"

Learning to Code: A Guide for Grown-Ups

Download our guide about the importance of learning to code, together.


Create a world of opportunities

Taking care of your family is a lot of work, so we’ve devised a number of ways we can help you equip your kids with digital skills, without taking away from your quality time together.

Community events

We run free, introductory events where kids can explore code through engaging and celebratory activities.



How kids learn about and use technology today will shape our future. Donate to KCJ and ensure more kids have the opportunity to learn digital skills and change the world.