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The KCJ Summer Institute: Educators Learning All-Year Long

How teachers can improve their digital skills and connect with peers during the 3rd annual KCJ Summer Institute

Meggie Carrier
June 26, 2022

The KCJ Summer Institute 2022 is one of our most important professional development events bringing together KCJ ambassadors, teachers, pre-service teachers, and education not-for-profit organizations. This year, the 3rd edition takes place on August 16-18th and features bilingual sessions, keynotes, hands-on activities and discussions. It is the perfect learning opportunity for Canadian educators to connect after the summer break and prepare for September!

The benefits of developing digital skills

One of the Institute’s objectives is to develop educators’ knowledge of digital skills such as computer programming, artificial intelligence, and data visualization. Digital literacy allows you to use technology to produce, analyze, and transmit information. Digital literacy can benefit students in many ways. Because technology is ever so present in today’s digital world, youth need to learn how to navigate and use it in safe and ethical ways. In addition, digital skills are also linked with the development of other skills such as computational thinking, problem solving techniques, and cooperation, all of which are important skills in today's working culture.

The importance of building a community of practice

Sylvie Barma, director of the Center for Research and Intervention on Student Success at Laval University, recently shared a report (in French) titled Pedagogical Use of Computer Programming: Findings on the Integration of Digital Competence. She says:

"For teachers, it is essential that there be training and support, easy and equitable access to material resources, and collaboration with members of the resources and collaboration with members of the educational community in their respective schools."

The KCJ Summer Institute is held to respond to this very need being the perfect opportunity to network, discover new trends, exchange tips and tools, all related to digital literacy.

After a much deserved break, meeting at the Institute allows educators to learn and exchange in a relaxed setting to gain a deeper understanding on how to best implement digital skills teaching in their own classrooms while also building a strong and valuable community of practice all across Canada. This community of practice will allow educators to share best practices and create new knowledge to advance the implementation of digital skills such as computer programming and much more.

Sign up now and come to re-energize and connect with your peers at the KCJ Summer Institute on August 16 to 18! See you there (virtually)!

We would like to thank our official sponsors Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and IBM SkillsBuild who helped make the KCJ Summer Institute possible.

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