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The Digital2030 Challenge: Promoting Health and Well-being Through Coding and Data Visualization

How teens can track their physical activities, create digital art and build a community to have a global impact

Meggie Carrier
May 9, 2022

Back in 2015, the United Nations (UN) set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030, and everyone around the world is invited to be actively involved in achieving them. In 2020, Digital Moment (formerly Kids Code Jeunesse) launched a 10-year mission where every step toward the SDGs is a collective victory through its newest educational experience Digital2030.

This year's brand new Challenge relates to SDG #3: Good Health and Well-Being. Both are essential when it comes to sustainable development. Young leaders around the world are called upon to use data, coding, and algorithms to track and improve health and well-being in their communities. You can do it too! Take The Challenge.

Time for self-reflection

Staying physically active is both fun and important for our bodies and minds. Did you know that the World Health Organization recommends an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise every day for teenagers, in addition to their physical education classes? That means an activity that gets you moving, sweating, and breathing hard. However, statistics show that most teens don’t do anywhere near enough. What about you? Do you exercise every day? How do you feel when you do? How about when you don’t?

Doing regular physical activity is fundamental to good health and well-being

Lead your community to action

What type of activity does your community engage in? To what frequency? Being active isn’t a one-time thing. By committing to being active regularly, we can feel better both physically and mentally - and maybe even improve in the activities we do regularly. Help your community set goals and reach healthy targets! Collect data and use it to visualize what activities are done around you.

Use data visualization to create digital art

Once you have collected data, the way you display your data can have a massive impact on how people will understand the information in front of them. In The Digital2030 Challenge, you will learn that how you showcase data can be just as important as the data itself. Welcome to the world of data visualization! Because you can get very creative with the way we display the data, why not use it to create digital art and share it with the whole wide world! You’ll see in The Challenge that data can be beautiful and that with it, you can create amazing digital art!

Join the movement! Take the Digital2030 Challenge

Ready to have an impact? Take the Digital2030 Challenge, track your physical activities, and add your digital artwork to our global gallery. You’ll be able to see what physical activities are done around the world as well as other participants’ digital artwork. Make sure to share and tag us on socials as well (@_Digital2030) using the hashtag #Digital2030.

The Digital2030 Challenge is open to 7 to 17 years old young digital leaders from anywhere in the world. They can complete The Challenge individually, with their families, in small groups, or even as a class - teachers and community group leaders, please make sure to download the workshop package to coding guides.

Thank you to our sponsors who helped make The Digital2030 Challenge possible:
Government of Canada, Amazon Future Engineer, DRW, Scale AI, Ubisoft, CIRA and CCUNESCO.


We have very exciting news to share with you today! Kids Code Jeunesse becomes part of Digital Moment! Digital Moment will include three educational initiatives: Kids Code Jeunesse (yes, it’s staying! Same great quality education, but as a distinct program that makes up a part of Digital Moment), as well as two new experiences Digital2030, and a social innovation lab.

Focused on creating programs for youth and communities, Digital Moment will provide them with access to digital skills such as coding, digital literacy, and AI.

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