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The impact of AI: My experience as a Digital Leaders Facilitator

I’m Olia, a Communications Manager employed at Ubisoft Montreal...

Olia Dupeyron
July 2, 2023

I’m Olia, a Communications Manager employed at Ubisoft Montreal, the world's largest video game studio. Recently, I had the privilege of contributing as a volunteer facilitator for Digital Leaders' youth event centered around AI, titled “#GetDataLit with Digital Moment”, and I must say it was a fantastic experience!

The event aimed to discuss the ethical, social, and economic implications of AI with youth. Participating as a panel leader, I was assigned to lead a group discussion called "Digital Leaders" with teenagers. The event was organized to bring together professionals from different fields and youth to explore the impact of AI on various aspects of life. I was thrilled to be part of the event and to hear from teens who currently use AI in their daily lives.

Something that struck me early on during the event was the level of engagement among participants. It was clear that they were passionate about the topic and had many insights to share. They were eager to learn and also to hear from professionals who work within the tech industry. As the discussion progressed, I could see that they were gaining a deeper understanding of the benefits and risks of AI.

One of the key themes that emerged from the discussion was the impact of AI on future jobs. The students were concerned about the possibility of AI replacing human workers and what that would mean for tomorrow's workforce. It was clear that they understood the potential benefits of AI in terms of efficiency and productivity but worried about potential downsides. As a professional working in tech, I was able to share my perspective on how AI is currently being used in the industry, as well as my personal usage, and how it might evolve in the future.

Another topic that came up during the discussion centered around negative body image caused by social media's use of AI in ads and content curation. The students were concerned about the impact of AI on mental health and well-being, particularly for young people who are already vulnerable to the pressures of social media. This was an eye-opening discussion for me, and I was impressed by their level of awareness and empathy. While they were all very aware of the situation, they all admitted to losing hours of their time scrolling through the never-ending stream of social media content, fueled by a very intelligent algorithm.

Overall, the event was very insightful, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. It was a great opportunity to learn from the youth and to hear their perspectives on the impact of AI. Working in tech, I am keenly aware of the potential of AI and how it can be used to create new and exciting experiences for video game players.

In conclusion, the Digital Leaders discussion on AI was an excellent opportunity to engage with the next generation and to hear their perspectives on AI. The event was a reminder that we are currently living in an era of rapid digital transformation, and these technological changes will continue to have a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. As a panel facilitator, I deeply appreciated the chance to contribute to this meaningful conversation. Engaging with the students and hearing their thoughts, concerns, and ideas about AI provided a valuable perspective into the younger generation. Their fresh perspectives broadened my own understanding of the topic, and I felt energized simply witnessing their passion and enthusiasm. This emphasized the importance of providing youth with a platform for open discussion between generations to collectively navigate the complexities of this digital age.

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