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KCJ & Code MTL - Teaching more than 3,000 kids in Montreal to code!

Bry LeBlanc
September 11, 2017

This year, we partnered up with la Fondation de la Commission Scolaire de Montréal to develop Code MTL - a project that would bring code to primary school students all across Montreal.

We are excited to say that after months of creation, development and testing, the Fondation CSDM launched Code MTL this September. Together, we are aiming to reach 28 000 students from 8 to 12 year old, throughout the primary schools of the CSDM. Kids Code Jeunesse instructors will be guiding the students, side-by-side with teachers who were eager to volunteer for the project. At this stage, the program already has 3240 students participating, 135 teachers volunteering and 65 schools signed up.

Each participating student will have the chance to experience computer programming during an 8-week course, where they will learn to code with the use of Scratch - a block coding program developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Montreal’s Playful Invention Company.

With Code MTL, both students and teachers of the CSDM will significantly improve their digital literacy skills by integrating code into the primary school curriculum. Treating computer science as a core competency for children will not only improve their problem-solving skills and spark creative computational thinking, but it will beneficially inform their use of technology in the future.

We want to thank la Fondation CSDM for bringing us on board and for choosing to inspire children in Montreal through code.

Code MTL is a project by la Fondation de la Commission Scolaire de Montreal, in partnership with Google Canada, Mouvement Desjardins, the Quebec Government, CGI, Ubisoft Montreal, Jeux WB Montreal, Eidos Montreal and Kids Code Jeunesse.

Teachers all across Canada, you can bring our workshops into your classrooms, too! Thanks to CanCode funding, our Code in the Classroom workshops and webinars are completely free. From introductory coding to artificial intelligence, our workshops lay the foundation for you and your students to continue building digital skills for creative learning.

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