Python is a popular, general purpose, text-based programming language. With Python kids learn more about core coding concepts like loops, conditionals, and syntax, and build their own creative projects with greater speed and power than block code.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Desk view with mathematical tools.


An introduction to the basic concepts of coding and to the Python programming language using the Trinket platform.

Lesson 2: Meeting Turtle

Big turtle swimming in the ocean.


Students will learn about Python's turtle, functions, comments, errors, and common commands through discussion and practice.

Lesson 3: Loops & Snowflakes

Snowflake on a frozen glass.


Students will learn to code a basic snowflake and how to use loops, variables and integers through discussion and practice.

Lesson 4: Variables & Snowflakes

Snowflake on a navy blue background.


Students will practice coding snowflakes using different functions and variables.

Lesson 5: Getting mathematical

Mathematical equations grouped as matrixes.


Students will learn about mathematical operators and lists through discussion and practice.

Lesson 6: Storytelling

Opened journal with an ink pen.


Students will learn about conditions and user input by writing a story.

Lesson 7: Time to guess

Close up of wooden letters in a box.


Students will learn more about conditions and lists by creating a guessing game.

Lesson 8: Making a game

Coloured keyboard.


Students will integrate game logic, user input, loops, and random integers to create a game of their choosing.

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