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The Lunar Gateway Challenge's first phase is over! Who will qualify for a week at STEM workshops!

During Space Week of 2022, we launched the Lunar Gateway Challenge. We partnered up with the Canadian Space Agency, Steamlabs and Western University to offer a full week of free STEAM workshops led by STEAM experts designed for youth aged 10 - 15. The Lunar Gateway Challenge’s main objective was to help and inspire youth to finding solutions to deep space exploration problems with coding, robotics and AI. It revolved around The Lunar Gateway mission, which Canada is embarking on alongside its partners (NASA, ESA and JAXA) to build a space station orbiting the Moon. The students’ mission was to design an AI robot to help the astronauts with their exploration of the Moon. We received a total of 381 submissions showing that youth interest in space is real and alive! The project was made possible thanks to Canadian Space Agency’s financial support.

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