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The KCJ Summer Institute just ended and here's what Digital Moment's senior finance manager had to say about it!

This month, the KCJ Summer Institute brought together hundreds of KCJ ambassadors, teachers, pre-service teachers, and education not-for-profit organizations. It featured bilingual sessions, keynotes, hands-on activities and discussions. It was the perfect learning opportunity for Canadian educators to connect after the summer break and prepare for September!

Digital Moment's Senior Finance Manager, Michel Condoroussis participated in the "Building Games with the MakeCode Arcade Module" presented by Cody Creed, a STEAM specialist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was able to reproduce a small game with an avatar and an enemy blob moving around. He thought it was quite cool for a non-coder like him to be able to do this using coding blocks. Then he thought his 7-year-old may also find this cool and since he was home that day Michel called him over. He spend the next 45 minutes watching the presentation with him, taking over his workspace, and playing with the coding blocks. His son is excited to play with it some more and Michel to do it with him! Some nice father and son bonding (and learning) time!

Learn more about the annual Summer Institute here

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