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Thanks to Kids Code Jeunesse's micro:bit donation, a Sun Peaks School student qualified for Canada Wide Science Fair!

Julian Generaux, a grade nine student from Sun Peaks School, was representing the school in May at the prestigious Canada Wide Science Fair. Generaux's remarkable achievement includes the development of a portable electrocardiogram (EKG) device. This innovative device records electrical signals from heartbeats and utilizes a radio signal for remote transmission of heart data. The EKG incorporates telemetry technology, enabling the gathering and remote transfer of data through sensors for further analysis.

Keith Massey, an educator at Sun Peaks School, played a pivotal role in motivating Generaux to participate in the science fair. Collaborating with School District 73, Massey embarked on a funding initiative to acquire micro:bits for the applied design skills and technology course he teaches to grade eight and night students. He pursued a grant from Kids Code Jeunesse for this purpose. Although Massey discovered that the grant had expired when he reached out to KCJ, the non-profit organization still donated 30 micro:bits to the Sun Peaks School educator.

Congrats to both teacher and student for their outstanding work! We're honoured to support the next generation of STEAM innovators.

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