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Phase 1 of the Lunar Gateway Challenge is over but for one school in the District School Board of Niagara, it is still going strong!

During Space Week of 2022, we launched the Lunar Gateway Challenge. We partnered up with the Canadian Space Agency, Steamlabs and Western University to offer a full week of free workshops led by STEAM experts designed for youth aged 10 - 15. The Challenge’s main objective was to help and inspire youth to find solutions to deep space exploration problems with coding, robotics and AI. Phase 1 of the Challenge is now over but we were recently made aware that one teacher, Rochelle Tkach, from the District School Board of Niagara, decided to go a step further so that her students' designs would come to life. By providing guidance and fostering a supportive learning environment, her students were able to create a real-life model with 3D printing! This experience certainly taught them some valuable lessons in engineering and we are very impressed to see her students' Lunar Rovers come to life!

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