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Nothing like receiving snail mail thank you letters!

Drawings by Ms.Tracy Thompson's Grade 1-2 class, Willow Park Junior Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

Kyla, our instructor in Newfoundland, had the pleasure of teaching a micro:bit workshop to an all-star grade 1-2 class at Willow Park Junior Public School in Scarborough, ON. The students loved the workshop and were especially fascinated that Kyla was teaching them (virtually) all the way from Newfoundland. To thank her, they decided to send her a package of hand-drawn letters.

"I opened the envelope to a distinct aroma of crayons, and cried happy tears as I looked at each one. Reading their messages and seeing their pictures really makes me feel as though I have made an impact." - Kyla

Of course, we couldn’t help but share a few of these masterpieces!

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