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Meet the finalists for the Digital Moment Innovation Awards at this year's Canada-Wide Science Fair!

Congratulations to the three finalists for the Digital Moment Innovation Award at CSWF 2023!

In the Junior category, we have "Refugee Pal" by Ali Soufi and Antony Zhang from South Fraser, BC, a remarkable project that supports refugees through innovative digital solutions. Your dedication to making a positive impact is truly inspiring!

In the Intermediate category, we have "Calmos" by Yasmine Ben Arous from Réseau Technoscience, QC, showcases your exceptional talent in creating a digital solution for promoting calmness and well-being. Your innovative approach is paving the way for a healthier future!

In the Senior category, we have "Circulate: Designing an Algorithmic Blood Distribution System to Tackle the Indian Blood Shortage" by Aahaan Maini from Bay Area, ON, a visionary project addressing a critical issue with creativity and technology. Your dedication to saving lives is commendable!

We applaud the outstanding work of all finalists and their contributions to digital innovation!

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