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Digital Moment's CEO and founder Kate Arthur invited in Barcelona to discuss how technologies can be used to reduce educational gaps

Digital Moment joins the first Digital Equity Festival in Spain to discuss and learn best practices for a more equitable and diverse digital world through education. For one day, several advocates for equitable access to education (SDG4) came together to claim, experience and celebrate that a more just, diverse and humane digitalization of education is possible. It was also an opportunity for networking among teachers, researchers and activists to discuss important themes such as:

  • How to build trust in an environment of misinformation?
  • How to use artificial intelligence to improve education?
  • How do we take care of ourselves in a fast-paced, screen-heavy world?
  • How do we energize a school making space to build a better world?
  • What is the future of libraries in the digital age?
  • Should learning to program be an educational right?
  • And most importantly, what is digital equity.

To access the discussion, watch the following video :

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