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Sail a boat. Code some fireworks. Create your own adventure.

Art:bit is an app that brings artistic expression to coding. A great tool for younger learners, Art:bit makes playing with the micro:bit as simple as a child’s flipbook.

At this time, art:bit is only compatible with micro:bit v1. To learn how to identify your micro:bit version follow this link.

This app is currently unavailable for download.

The art:bit interface combines the ease of block-based coding with the endless creative possibilities of LED animation. Using art:bit is easy enough for young learners but challenging enough for all ages. Scripts execute directly on the micro:bit and download with a simple click.

This app is brought to you by Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ), an educational not-for-profit, who developed it with Playful Invention Company.

How to get started

Download our free activity cards and pair your micro:bit to iOS to create your first art:bit animation in minutes!

If you're using the Chrome version, there's no need to pair your micro:bit

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How to get started

The micro:bit promotes inclusive and creative learning across age groups. Use this little computer to teach any subject, from science to physical education.


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